Shadertoy is my favorite portfolio. I use it for prototyping of to create art.

You can check my public profile and run my shaders. If your device can’t handle those, here are some renders of some I judge worth looking at.

Scattering fractal

Pathtracing SSS with a fractal shape. Very costly shader, but “realtime” with a gaming GPU. Quite happy with the dof and the photorealistic feel it gives.

Define MOUSECONTROL to 1 (is Buffer A) to use interactive mode and do nice renders, like these:

Improved terraforming

A terraforming shader. A 2D reaction diffusion (Gray Scott) sim is projected on a sphere. I gave a lot of polish to this one, with UI, terrain type, and relatively optimal sphere projection (octahedral).

Importance sampling visualizer

Checking GGX importance sampling from “Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4” by Brian Karis, Epic Games.

Colored lines

A simple iterative space folding fractal. Shader of the week!

Reaction diffusion box

An interactive 3D reaction diffusion simulation.