GOOMD is an augmented reality game running on Android.
Goomds have lanted at your house. Problem : they are rather clingy... Luckily, they love candies ! Use some to bait each Goomd into the inter-dimensional portal that just opened on you desk, and get rid of them !

Dowload the cards !

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- GOOMD - Augmented reality game from Florian salabert on Vimeo.

The game

To play GOOMD, all you need is an android smartphone with the installed app and the printed card deck.

Use the "Start" card to launch a level. Once the card is detected by the phone, lock it using the dedicated button to make the level and a Goomd appear in front of you. At the opposite of the alien stands the portal you have to lead him to. Between them, the road is made of various obstacles.

Once the level is generated, you just have to play and try to get rid of the Goomd ! In the deck, each card is usable once only, so be carefull and think before consuming an item ! To bait the Goomd, place a candy card. Once it is on the terrain, the alien, always looking for food, will walk to it.

But that will not always be that simple. Obstacles might bother your progress. To cross over it, think about using your "Jump" card. It generates a trampoline, and the Goomds also love to play on it !

If you don't have any card left, you have lost ... The Goomd will stay with you forever ! Or you can simply use the "Reset" card. Place it to erase the level and restart a game.

It is possible to play alone, but the game is even funnier experienced in group. For example, one player might hold the phone to keep a good overview of the level, while dialoging with another player and giving him instructions on where to put cards on the table. With good communication skills, they will lead the little invader to the exit together !

Technical specifications and credits

The game was intially made for a 1 week student project at ATI, by Florian Salabert, Paul Hubert and Suzanne Gomont. Music and sound design credit goes to Gauthier Villagordo. The technologies used are Unity and the Vuforia AR library.