RMVR is an tool I developed for Small Studio.RMVR sets up a raymarching environment in Unity, allowing you to play with distance functions and to display procedural shapes like fractals.It manages camera matrices in a VR-compatible way, in order to integrate demoscene-inspired visuals into standard scenes.

A maya script to generate roots and ivy

I’d like to present you a script I’ve been working on with other students. Inspired by Thomas Luft’s ivy generator, it was initially an exercise to practice python scripting in Maya. However, I brought it a bit further to make it shareable. Speaking of power, it is not comparable with…

Rendering plastic with Arnold and Maya

Plastic toys – and more especially LEGO – represent a common subject for students and CG artists. Lately, I did like everyone and practiced rendering in MtoA on a Christmas themed scene. Let’s develop some aspects that could eventually improve beginner’s workflow and render.